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cutm; is a small dress salon situated in a residential area near the center of Nagoya.


A favorite city that is quiet but energetic


Chiyoda area used to be a city of craftsmen and merchants, as it was near to Shojin river which was leading to Shinhori river while situating center of Nagoya.

Remaining some of its appearances even now, there are many original framing shops, and Italian / French restaurants that are owned by a chef with a craftsman spirit in this attractive city.

cutm; wishes to be a place like a hideaway in this quiet city with commitments. 


And, keeping in mind to make a salon that the brides can enjoy choosing a dress over time the same as selecting their wardrobe.


We are committed to deal with the international brand directly. As a stocker, we offer customizations to Japanese brides while preserving the philosophy of each brand.


We are able to offer a bride an affordable price by dealing directly with brands and keeping a salon small.










A few years ago, there was an occasion to encounter a dress which was made in the 1910s, then started being interested in foreign bridal culture, by encountering such a beautiful wedding dress which was made over 100 years ago.

In general, brides purchase a wedding dress overseas or remake one handed down from a mother or a grandmother in their favorite boutique.


Surprisingly, there are many bridal brands that regularly present collections to satisfy brides while understanding the market’s needs, and each bride has her own favorite designer.


Longing for the “LIBERTY”


“Select a dress that you can express identity and originality, like a fashion.”

cutm; is established as we want brides to select a dress in this way.


“We want brides to wear the original dress while being honest with the feeling and excitement when they try the one”


Universal thoughts that we felt through meetings with each brand


We will always be beside of brides who sympathize with our thoughts and offering timeless wedding dresses.


4600012 愛知県名古屋市中区千代田一丁目10−16




​建物東側 No.14をご利用ください。

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